The Face of Australian Music

Bridget Elliot has undertaken a project of immense importance to the music world in Australia. She reveals the personalities behind the creators of new Australian music and adds a telling intimacy to these practitioners in an otherwise little-seen world of performing arts. At the launch of her exhibition at the Sydney Opera House in 2000, several viewers commented that they didn't realise there were so many composers in Australia. In fact, someone was heard to comment they hadn’t thought that there were any composers in Australia ~ the premise being, I guess, that composers were dead white guys! Bridget more than proved that this is not the case.Bridget's passion for the subject, her insightful view of music and her delightful manner as a revealer of truths, has opened up a world of music and passion to a whole new audience. We owe her a great deal of thanks and look on in admiration as she continues to chronicle a generation and more of Australian creative folk.

- Marshall McGuire, harpist, artistic director, music administrator © 2004