One of the highlights of my career was the collaboration with writer and friend Annarosa Berman to produce a book commissioned for Opera Australia’s 50th anniversary in 2006. We worked behind the scenes at the national opera company for 18 months and were given extraordinary access to “the complex processes and the people who brings operas to the stage” - Bruce Elder, reviewing our book in The Sydney Morning Herald in September 2006.

“This handsome book is devoted to the people behind the scenes … here are the marketing people, the financial decision-makers, the corporate sponsors, the language coaches, the directors, the costume and set designers, the carpenters, the artists, the seamstresses, the wig makers and of course, the musicians and performers. It’s a fascinating book …” 

"Bridget Elliot's black-and-white photographs are, in the main, both artistic and significant. See her panel of tools of the trade from Wardrobe on the Contents page for proof of her gifts and a statement that opera is work as well as play."

Book Review by Elizabeth Silsbury, Music Forum, Vol 13 No. 2, 2007