In 2003, Musica Viva Australia commissioned Bridget to accompany Latin American ensemble Tigramuna on part of their Across the Top tour for the Musica Viva in Schools Program.

Musica Viva is the world’s largest entrepreneur of fine ensemble music, presenting some 2,500 concerts a year across Australia and around the world. The Music Viva in Schools program is part of the company’s mission to present live ensemble music to as great a range of audiences as possible.
Bridget travelled with Tigramuna in north-western Australia for two weeks, photographing the band and their interaction with school children and audiences from Fremantle to Broome, via Newman, Karratha and Port Hedland. Her companions were Tigramuna’s founders, Carlos Villanueva, Wendy Upjohn and their two children, Nicolas and Marcelo, as well as Nick Southcott and Willow Neilson. Tigramuna performed in many schools and venues during the tour, most of the performances taking place outdoors.
“The photographs in this selection depict an 8am performance at Roebourne Primary School in the Pilbara. We had been told we could expect anything from a handful to 50 children. Within minutes of setting up we had a very expectant gathering and Carlos had the difficult job of selecting a few of the children to try out the instruments. It was a joy to watch music melt away their initial shyness. Within a few bars of foot-tapping music everyone wanted to take part!
“Many of the photographs of the landscape had to be taken from our car window. Tigramuna had to keep to schedule in travelling from one school to the next, sometimes a few hours’ drive apart. There wasn’t always time to stop.
“The atmosphere, the countryside, Tigramuna’s professionalism and friendship, the wonderful people we met and the adventures we had together, contribute to one of the most memorable experiences of my life to date. It was a delight to witness Musica Viva’s commitment to ensuring that children should have access to great live music, no matter how remote their location.”

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