Bridget photographs Australian composers to put a face to Australian music.

This project is a work-in-progress that has been exhibited at the Sydney Opera House and many other venues (see About page). The photographs are on permanent display at the Australian Music Centre in The Rocks, Sydney and a selection has been acquired by the National Library.

Bridget contributes as a music photographer to local and international media as well as undertaking publicity work for classical musicians. Her portfolio includes over 250 of Australia’s leading composers and performers, plus international musicians.

“Since 1996 I have been involved in a project to document Australian composers and performers of new music through photography. The purpose is to put a face to the many talented Australians whose creative work is arguably as important to our national identity as that of our literary greats, film stars or sporting heroes. While Australian music is increasingly gaining the recognition it deserves in the concert hall, there is not yet the widespread public awareness and celebration of this rich cultural talent base that these Australians surely deserve. It is my hope that my photographs will serve in a small way to increase this awareness.”

(From notes accompanying The Face of Australian Music exhibition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, July 2004.)

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